June-July 2023

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Posted May 9, 2023

June-July 2023


Ships of Misfortune

A “rare and extraordinary” illness ravaged the crew of Jens Munk’s doomed 1619 voyage in search of the Northwest Passage. by Ken McGoogan Listen to our podcast

In My Yesterday

While cleaning out her childhood home, a Chinese-Canadian artist discovers clues to four generations of her family’s immigration history. by JJ Lee

Confederation or Bust

One hundred and fifty years ago, the people of Prince Edward Island kicked out the British landlords, embraced the railway, and joined Canada. by Christopher Moore

Thundering Chuckwagons

On the hundredth anniversary of the first professional chuckwagon race, we look back on some of the daring drivers and riotous rides of this uniquely Canadian sport. by Glen Mikkelsen

On the covers

Drawing a Family History: Artist JJ Lee sits in her studio holding a framed photo of her grandfather James Tue Lee. Morris Lum photographed Lee as well as the art presented in Lee’s article, “In My Yesterday.” Lum is a Trinidadian-born artist, photographer, and educator whose work explores the hybrid nature of the Chinese-Canadian community through photography, form, and documentary practices. He received his M.F.A. in documentary media from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2009. His work has been exhibited and screened across Canada and the United States.

Survive!: Illustration by Chase Stone. A 2023 illustration imagines Jens Munk and two companions on the frozen Churchill River, with the frigate Unicorn in the background. No known portrait of Munk exists.


Editor’s Note

The stuff of memories.

The Packet

Revealing legacy. Cross purposes.


Dressed for success at Expo 67. Deadly dinosaurs of prehistoric Western Canada. Photographic memory: Maun-gua-daus. Navigating the past.

Trading Post

Chunks of raw copper from the western Arctic were given to HBC Chief Factor James Thomson.


Teachable moments. More books: Inuit heritage discovered, convincing con artist, survivors’ stories, Saint John fire, photographic explorations. Read them all

Summer Reading Guide

Our special advertising section includes history, fiction, and other books for Canadian readers.


The religious heritage of Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, is as remarkable as its better-known artistic legacy.

History Matters

Canada’s History Forum explores strategies for tackling “hard histories.”


A calm family photo preceded a residential school tragedy.

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