Rights and Freedoms

How Canada got to be one of the freest countries in the world.

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The Blast Doors Are Open

Visitors to the Diefenbunker west of Ottawa experience a key part of Canada’s Cold War history.

Refus global Manifesto

An artist’s essay became a call-to-arms for social change.

Acadian Flag

This tricolour banner proclaims a unique French-Canadian cultural identity.

2022 The Governor General's History Awards

Luisa Fracassi

Luisa Fracassi developed her project “Immigrant Voices” as an experiential learning opportunity for her diverse class of grade ten students.

Natasha Camacho

To mark Black History Month, Natasha Camacho and her students studied the lives and achievements of several notable Canadians of African descent.

Thomas King

Thomas King is a bestselling and award-winning writer whose work has brought Indigenous concerns to the forefront of Canadian society and challenged readers to re-examine Western approaches to history.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

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HBC Blazer

A 1940s dress blazer was worn by a Hudson’s Bay Company post manager.

Wonderful Wetlands

From the archives: A wildlife photographer captured exquisite images in a Manitoba marsh.


The mysterious origins and enduring popularity of Canada’s favourite parlour game.

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Teaching about Disability in Your Classroom

These activities and resources guide teachers on incorporating disability studies in their classrooms.

Reflecting on Historical Inquiry

This lesson will help students reflect on what they have learned throughout their inquiry project.

Preparing for Difficult Conversations

In this lesson, students will assess their knowledge of the Residential School system and the ongoing investigations related to students who died while attending Residential Schools.

Considering the Role of Media on Public Awareness of Residential Schools

This lesson encourages students to reflect on the role of the media and the impact of the “news cycle” on public awareness of current affairs.