Shopping for Victory

On the home front in World War II, Canadians lived a contradiction. They were told to save. And asked to spend.

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Nominate an exceptional history project in your community for this year’s Governor General's History Award.


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New Documentary to Correct Overlooked History

Port of Origins is intended to portray historical highlights of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Canada’s Canvas

Students create collage to highlight 150 years of Canada’s history.

Singer-songwriter releases anti-war song

Doris Folkens shares stories of her family’s past.

2018 The Governor General's History Awards

Lisa Howell

After conducting research, listening to stories from Elders, and speaking with experts, Lisa Howell’s Grade 5 and 6 students used their knowledge to write and film a Public Service Announcement about Jordan’s Principle.

Paul Paterson

Inspired by the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017, Paul Paterson’s students formed a classroom think tank to create a vision for Canada in the year 2070.

Temma Frecker

Temma Frecker’s middle school students delved into the timely debate around commemorating controversial historical figures by examining the case study of the statue of Sir Edward Cornwallis.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

In the Newsletter

The Golden Age of the General Store

Life before malls.

Guarding the Gold

On the eve of the Second World War, England worried for its wealth. War was costly. But the gold to pay the price of victory lay vulnerable in London. The solution — ship England’s treasure overseas, to Canada. And so began Operation Fish.

The Bank That Went Bust

Eighty years ago, Ottawa took control of the business of banking. It was forced to. A great bank had collapsed and many Canadians were ruined.

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Talking Pictures: how to exploit the power of visual sources to create curiosity and teach history

Watch now: in this webinar Tom Morton gives examples and strategies about how to use visual primary sources to teach historical thinking concepts.

The Funny Little Woman

Maud Lewis’s bright, beautiful art.

Growth of a Nation: Trading Cards

In this activity students create a package of 10 Canadian History Trading cards reflecting what they have learned and studied as their course progressed over the term.

Getting Graphic with the Past: graphic histories and the uses of comics in education

Watch now: this webinar explores the structure of the Graphic History Collective, lessons learned through our work together, and tips for those looking to create their own projects or bring comics to the classroom.