2020 Summer Reading Guide

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In case you missed it!

The theme of the 12th Canada’s History Forum was “Small Stories, Big Ideas.” Recipients of the 2019 Governor General’s History Awards shared their experience of making the personal stories big and the big stories personal

In the Latest Issue

Home Front Hero   

A ninety-nine-year-old Inuk woman who contributed to Canada’s Second World War efforts in a unique and little-known way has been recognized by the government of Canada. 

Scrimshaw Container

Trading Post: The art of scrimshaw was applied to a container made from a horn.

Northern Visions

Canada’s History explores the striking Arctic paintings of artist Hilton Hassell. 

2019 The Governor General's History Awards

Perspectives on Biodiversity – Sturgeon Harpoon Knowledge Web

Perspectives on Biodiversity – Sturgeon Harpoon Knowledge Web  explores the complex and sophisticated web of knowledge and relationships that surround any one species or belonging.

Robert Bell

Robert Bell’s students curated an exhibit at the Dundas Museum and Archives about a student from their school who had passed away as a result of the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-19.

Heather Jefkins

Through a combination of online research, consultation with community artisans and hands-on experience, Heather Jefkins’ students explored the traditional fibre arts of quilting and weaving.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

In the Newsletter

The Ahiarmiut: Out-of-the-Way Dwellers

Ayaaq (Mary) Anowtalik and David Serkoak recount the Canadian government’s forced relocation of Inuit from their homeland in the interior of Nunavut in the 1950s and their long struggle for justice.

The Priest Who Shaped a Province

Abbé Noël-Joseph Ritchot gave legitimacy to the cause of Louis Riel and the militant Red River Métis, and he was central to Manitoba joining Confederation.

Prince of Rupert's Land

Carolyn Harris, a Canadian historian who specializes in royalty, reveals in this interview that few Canadians realize that Canada’s early destiny was steered by a swashbuckling cavalier.

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Teaching COVID-19

These activities will help students reflect on the coronavirus outbreak, analyze parallels to historic pandemics, and think critically about this moment in history.

Finding Hazel

In this presentation, teacher Rob Bell shares how an unexpected discovery turned a conventional unit on the Spanish Influenza into a rich and personal learning experience.

Canada and the Second World War

From farms to factories to fighting, the Second World War touched Canadians in many ways.

‘Bomb Girls’: Defense Industries Limited and the Home Front

In this lesson, students will be asked to collect data about the role, impact and experiences of the women known as the ‘Bomb Girls’.