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From Don Mills to Paradise Crescent: The great post-war migration.

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In case you missed it!

The theme of the 11th Canada’s History Forum was “Connecting Communities Through History.” Recipients of the 2018 Governor General’s History Awards shared the impact of their work on the communities that they serve. Presenters discussed how history can be used to build richer and deeper connections between all Canadians.

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Cultural Manoeuvres

Open Book: The book Symbols of Canada presents stories about the pasts and possible futures of symbols.

Bark Shredders

Northwest Coast Indigenous peoples used various styles of bark shredders to soften cedar bark into fibrous layers.

Charting a Course to the Future

Nova Scotia digital-mapping project links generations.

2018 The Governor General's History Awards

Lisa Howell

After conducting research, listening to stories from Elders, and speaking with experts, Lisa Howell’s Grade 5 and 6 students used their knowledge to write and film a Public Service Announcement about Jordan’s Principle.

Paul Paterson

Inspired by the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017, Paul Paterson’s students formed a classroom think tank to create a vision for Canada in the year 2070.

Temma Frecker

Temma Frecker’s middle school students delved into the timely debate around commemorating controversial historical figures by examining the case study of the statue of Sir Edward Cornwallis.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

In the Newsletter

Beautiful Cities

The squalor of nineteenth-century industrial cities prompted planners to come up with a novel solution: green space.

Born-again Bridges

Steel and reinforced concrete rule today. But in the early days of railway bridge building, timber was king. 

A Community's Loss

The Mohawk of Kahnawake were renowned for their skill and agility when it came to high-steel construction. But in 1907, they were the hardest hit when the Quebec Bridge collapsed.

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The All-Canadian Game: Crokinole

Fiction Feature: Maybe you have a board in your basement or in your family’s cabin. Or maybe you’ve never heard of the game invented in Ontario nearly 150 years ago: crokinole.

Canada’s Great Women for teachers and students

Have students decide who they would place on their list of Great Canadian Women.

Teaching the Spanish Influenza

Defining Moments Canada brings life to history with interdisciplinary educational resources and digital crowdsourcing commemoration.

Treaties: Partnerships and Relationships

In this lesson students explore the enduring and cross-country nature of the Treaty relationship in Canada making note of challenges and opportunities.