The History of Thanksgiving in Canada

Where did the tradition come from?

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In case you missed it!

The theme of the 11th Canada’s History Forum was “Connecting Communities Through History.” Recipients of the 2018 Governor General’s History Awards shared the impact of their work on the communities that they serve. Presenters discussed how history can be used to build richer and deeper connections between all Canadians.

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Velo voyageurs

Touring the Ottawa River region by bicycle.

Oh, Deer!

From the archives: In the Autumn 1962 issue of The Beaver, writer and photographer Leonard Lee Rue III travelled to northern Ontario to document the habits and habitats of Odocoileus virginianus, the white-tailed deer.

Cutlass and scabbard

The HBC Museum Collection contains four identical cutlasses and scabbards, all marked with Labouchere, after an HBC steamship that served the west coasts of Canada and the United States.

2018 The Governor General's History Awards

Maxine Hildebrandt and Lisl Gunderman

Maxine Hildrebrandt and Lisl Gunderman’s students participated in a cultural exchange where they explored topics from both the traditional Indigenous knowledge and Western science perspectives and incorporated research and writing, traditional storytelling, and land-based learning.

Jean-François Gosselin

As part of their Secondary III History of Quebec and Canada class, Jean-François Gosselin’s students were asked to design a 3D model of a scene from the Seven Years’ War, using the game Minecraft.

Eric Chassé

After having conducted research on a historical building typical of New France, Eric Chassé’s students were required to build a scale model of the selected structure.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

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Roots: Second steps for family historians

Fix the omissions in your first steps.

The Great Depression

October 24, 1929, marked the beginning of a four-day stock market crash in the United States that had global ramifications.

Otherworldly Archives

University of Manitoba home to ghostly legacy.

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Ghosts & Monsters

Be sure to leave the lights on when you read this issue! You’ll meet historical spooks and explore unexplained stories from Canada’s past.

Canada's Ghosts and Monsters Crossword

Use this puzzle to test your students’ knowledge of Canada’s spooky past.

Questioning the Past

How to better understand commemoration controversies.

The Conversation

In this presentation, Temma Frecker and Will Mercer share their experience delving into the timely debate around commemorating controversial historical figures.