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Sixty creative, innovative and sometimes mind-boggling contributions Canadians have made to the world.

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New Documentary to Correct Overlooked History

Port of Origins is intended to portray historical highlights of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Canada’s Canvas

Students create collage to highlight 150 years of Canada’s history.

Singer-songwriter releases anti-war song

Doris Folkens shares stories of her family’s past.

2018 The Governor General's History Awards

Lisa Howell

After conducting research, listening to stories from Elders, and speaking with experts, Lisa Howell’s Grade 5 and 6 students used their knowledge to write and film a Public Service Announcement about Jordan’s Principle.

Paul Paterson

Inspired by the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017, Paul Paterson’s students formed a classroom think tank to create a vision for Canada in the year 2070.

Temma Frecker

Temma Frecker’s middle school students delved into the timely debate around commemorating controversial historical figures by examining the case study of the statue of Sir Edward Cornwallis.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

In the Newsletter

A Father’s Grief

On September 13th 1918, Captain Robert Bartholomew suffered a sudden nervous breakdown after reading his son’s name in a newspaper casualty list.

Roots: Seeing Double

Most babies arrive nine months after conception. For Malcolm Reid it was nine months after his mother’s death.

Roots: Coming clean

There’s much to ponder before airing family secrets.

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Addressing Human Rights

How do museums approach presenting human rights atrocities?

Slow Road to Tolerance

It took a long time for Canadians to accept each others’ differences, never mind to view diversity as desirable.

The Virtue of Tolerance

Canada’s reputation for tolerance owes much to one Canadian whose human rights legacy lives on today.  

Building a Kinder Country

These historic sites commemorate key moments in Canada’s social justice history.