2019 Governor General's History Award Recipients

The individuals and organizations being recognized deepen our understanding of the past by highlighting lesser-known stories, representing the diversity of our experiences, and encouraging meaningful public dialogue around history.   

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Join us at the forum!

Online or in-person, join us January 19, 2020 for the 12th Canada’s History Forum. Recipients of the 2019 Governor General’s History Awards will share their experience of making the personal stories big and the big stories personal. Presenters will explain how small stories make complicated histories more accessible to learners of all ages.


Standing Together

The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike remains an unparalleled moment of solidarity among Canadian workers. 

Knights of Labour

A cadre of historians, artists and activists champion social justice via comic books. In 2013, they published a free comic on Canada’s early labour movement.

Canada’s Boy Miners

Like children in other late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Canadian communities, boys in colliery towns and villages worked.

Young Citizens: 8 stories about the history of work

From changing working conditions at factories to the role of labour activists in strikes, these 8 Young Citizens videos share stories about the history of work in Canada.

Union Town

Fiction Feature: There’s no place quite like Newfoundland’s Port Union.

Taking a Stand

Bring labour history into your classroom with these lesson plans and activities.

2019 The Governor General's History Awards

Sylvia D. Hamilton

Sylvia D. Hamilton is one of the most influential public historians working in Canada today, earning a reputation for excellence over four decades of active history-making.

Kayla Dallyn and Genevieve Soler

Kayla Dallyn and Genevieve Soler’s students worked alongside Elders to trace their family lineages back several generations. Through oral histories and conversations with the Elders, the students learned about ancestors who made enduring contributions to the Stoney Nakoda community.

100th Anniversary of the Death of Albert "Ginger" Goodwin

To mark the centenary of Ginger Goodwin’s death, the Cumberland Museum and Archives led a series of programs and events that engaged the public with history through artistic, academic and immersive experiences.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

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10 Totally Weird & Wacky Ways to Get Around

Folks in our country have come up with lots of odd, innovative, and downright zany ways to transport goods and people.

The Path Less Travelled

A historic adventure lies just off the beaten trail to Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

The Treaty of Ghent

Learn about the treaty that ended the War of 1812 and the costs of the conflict.

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The All-Canadian Game: Crokinole

Fiction Feature: Maybe you have a board in your basement or in your family’s cabin. Or maybe you’ve never heard of the game invented in Ontario nearly 150 years ago: crokinole.

Fun and Games

In this activity, students will research and share the history of the games they play.

Made in Canada: Games We Play

Eleven creative and innovative contributions Canadians have made in the area of sports and leisure.

The Big Chill

Two centuries ago, much of the world was left in the cold during what became known as the Year Without a Summer. By Alan MacEachern