Top 10 Endangered Places 2018

Learn more about places featured on the Top 10 Endangered Places in 2018!

Published with permission from The National Trust for Canada

Posted June 8, 2017

Every year, the National Trust publishes its Top 10 Endangered Places List as part of its mission to raise awareness of the value that historic places bring to quality of life, local identity and cultural vitality.

The Top 10 Endangered Places List is compiled from nominations received as well as from reports and news items the National Trust has been following throughout the year.

First published in 2005, the Top 10 Endangered Places List has become a powerful tool in the fight to make landmarks, not landfill. The National Trust believes that historic places are cornerstones of identity, community and sense of place, yet every year, more are lost due to neglect, lack of funding, inappropriate development and weak legislation. By shining a spotlight on places at risk, the Top 10 Endangered Places List raises awareness about their plight and bolsters the efforts of local advocates working to save them.

The 2018 endangered list includes:

Victoria High School

Victoria High School is the oldest high school in British Columbia's capital city. The school has played a profound role in the community. 

A. Minchau Blacksmith Shop

The threat of demolition has spurred a city-wide discussion on the need to save the unsung places that make Edmonton special.

Moose Jaw Natatorium

For decades, this iconic Depression-era swimming facility was a social hub for the residents of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It also was the training pool for Moose Jaw's first Olympian.

Muscowequan Residential School

Of the almost two dozen residential schools that operated in Saskatchewan, Muscowequan — operating from 1889-1997 — is one of the last remaining.

Former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives

The former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives remains empty and in limbo with no funds allocated by the city for restoration.

St. Mary's Pulp and Paper Mill

The robust and striking Pulp Tower and Board Mill buildings are key components of the former St. Mary’s Paper Mill complex in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

"White House"

Built in 1866, this grand, landmark home is one of the best known houses in Stratford, Ontario, and has housed many prominent families.

Royal Victoria Hospital

Over its long history on this site, the Montreal hospital housed pioneering medical research and practice, and was world-renowned as a teaching hospital.

Covered Bridges of New Brunswick

Representing more than a simple aid to transportation, these covered bridges symbolize New Brunswick's growth and prosperity in the twentieth century.

1029 Tower Road

This Halifax house represents the thousands of small heritage homes throughout the country under threat from insensitive infill and densification.

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