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Eric Reiter

In Wounded Feelings: Litigating Emotions in Quebec, 1870-1950, Eric Reiter traces the intimate experience of having our feelings hurt – given a more adult shape in forms such as shame, disgrace, bodily intrusion, betrayal, grief, anger and fear – through Quebec’s court system from the late-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

Scholarly Research / 2020

Gwich’in Goonanh’kak Googwandak: The Places and Stories of the Gwich’in

For nearly 23 years of research (1992-2015), the Gwich’in Tribal Council Department of Cultural Heritage (formerly Gwich’in Social & Cultural Institute) has worked with more than seventy-four Gwich'in Elders and traditional land users to document place names and create an inventory of heritage sites in the Gwich'in Settlement Region of the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Community Programming / 2020

Centennial of Broadcasting in Canada

Montreal’s Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner, with the support of the Quebec Society for Vintage Radio Collectors, called on several key stakeholders in the Montreal region to assist them with a project commemorating the 100th anniversary of the advent of civil radio broadcasting in Canada.

Community Programming / 2020

The Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book Project

Created through a partnership between the Western Development Museum, Spirit Wrestler Productions, and the University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book Project documented through five multimedia outputs the history, culture, and religious beliefs of Saskatchewan’s Independent Doukhobors.

Museums / 2020

Heather Jefkins

Through a combination of online research, consultation with community artisans and hands-on experience, Heather Jefkins’ students explored the traditional fibre arts of quilting and weaving.

Teaching / 2019

Jock Martin and Heather Ragot

In an integrated project between English Language Arts and Canadian History courses, the grade 11 students of Jock Martin and Heather Ragot investigated the history and legacy of colonialism and its impact on Indigenous people in Canada.

Teaching / 2019

Jean-Philippe Payer

After conducting in-depth research and insightful analyses, Jean-Philippe Payer’s students worked with various digital tools—including 3D printers and 3D scanners—to reproduce and contextualize artefacts and works of art on loan from museums.

Teaching / 2019

Kayla Dallyn and Genevieve Soler

Kayla Dallyn and Genevieve Soler’s students worked alongside Elders to trace their family lineages back several generations. Through oral histories and conversations with the Elders, the students learned about ancestors who made enduring contributions to the Stoney Nakoda community.

Teaching / 2019

Robert Bell

Robert Bell’s students curated an exhibit at the Dundas Museum and Archives about a student from their school who had passed away as a result of the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-19.

Teaching / 2019

Sylvia D. Hamilton

Sylvia D. Hamilton is one of the most influential public historians working in Canada today, earning a reputation for excellence over four decades of active history-making.

Popular Media / 2019