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Printed Textiles From Kinngait Studios

Conceived and presented as a project that foregrounds Inuit voices, expertise, and engagement, the Textile Museum of Canada’s partnership with the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative made possible a process of collaboration with the Kinngait community, resulting in mutually beneficial research, educational programs, and an exhibition tour.

Museums / 2021

Brittany Luby

In Dammed: The Politics of Loss and Survival in Anishinaabe Territory, Brittany Luby offers a vivid and timely illustration of the embodied legacies of settler colonialism on the bodies, lands, and lives of Indigenous peoples.

Scholarly Research / 2021

Murray Sinclair

The Honourable Murray Sinclair, C.C., M.S.C., is a former lawyer, judge, Canadian senator, and is currently the Chancellor of Queen’s University. Sinclair’s work in deepening awareness of Canada’s shared and difficult history, coupled with a relentless commitment to build a better country moving forward, has restored forgotten and suppressed truths of the past.

Popular Media / 2021

Kristian Basaraba

Kristian Basaraba combined skateboard art with a history lesson on Indigenous culture and colonialism in an effort to raise awareness about reconciliation.

Teaching / 2020

Dawn Martens

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and to learn about the plight of Jewish children during the Holocaust, Dawn Martens guided her grades 4 to 6 students on an interdisciplinary project to study and present Hans Krása’s opera, Brundibár.

Teaching / 2020

Nathan Tidridge

Established by high school teacher Nathan Tidridge, his students, and other community members in partnership with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, the Souharissen Natural Area has become a foundation for land-based pedagogy that has engaged various cohorts of students and members of the wider community.

Teaching / 2020

Chris Young

Through primary and secondary source research, museum and historical site visits, and seminar discussions, Chris Young’s grade 10 students explored their community’s history through a project called “Kelvin Remembers the Winnipeg General Strike.”

Teaching / 2020

Francis Lalande

Francis Lalande’s Histoire à vélo project is a dynamic, environmentally friendly, and transdisciplinary initiative that uses the bicycle as a means of teaching history.

Teaching / 2020

Dominique Laperle

Dominique Laperle’s project titled Dollard et Groulx seeks to inform a discussion on the manipulation of historical fact for political ends.

Teaching / 2020

Steven High

Steven High is a leading oral and public historian whose research empowers individuals and broadens understanding of Canada’s multi-faceted history. As a co-founder of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia University, Dr. High works collaboratively with the communities that he studies and is a pioneer in digitizing the life stories that he collects.

Popular Media / 2020