Judette Dumel

Recipient of the 2021 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching

May 11, 2022

Louis Riel Public Secondary School, Ottawa, Ontario

Judette Dumel invited her Grade 7 students to discover the importance of immigration in Canadian history, particularly the Afro-Canadian diaspora. Composed of many different activities, the project encouraged students, among other things, to write a bibliographical account of a historical figure of the Afro-Canadian diaspora. Published on Book Creator, their work was shared with students at other schools to promote openness and discussion. The close relationship between art and history was also explored through representations of the men and women from the Afro-Canadian diaspora. While paying attention to symbols and composition, the students used their new knowledge to create their own posters. During the year, Dumel’s classroom became a meeting place where members of the community were invited to share their experiences.

The project culminated with the exploration of the concept of being an ally, helping students to better understand the civic actions needed to support marginalized communities. For Dumel, studying these themes is essential so that students can recognize social stereotypes and become aware of the importance of openness and mutual aid.