Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

In this webinar, Andrew Bear Robe, the Interim Executive Director for Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society, discusses the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society’s groundbreaking theatrical presentation, Making Treaty 7.

Presentation by Andrew Bear Robe

Posted January 24, 2018

About the presentation

In this webinar, Andrew Bear Robe discusses the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society’s groundbreaking theatrical presentation, Making Treaty 7.

About the presenter

Andrew Bear Robe was raised on the Blackfoot Indian Reserve (Siksika Nation) situated 100 km. east of Calgary. He is a fluent Blackfoot speaker and was raised traditionally. Andrew has been a long time leader of the Prairie Chicken Society since early childhood (1954 - 2012). He is also a mounted leader of the Brave Dogs Society for many years (1969 - current).
Andrew completed his Ph.D. in 2010 at the University of Calgary. His Ph.D. dissertation is entitled: The Victorian Treaties: Sovereign Crown - First Nation Relations & Treaty Federalism. His M.A. in Political Science was completed at the University of Calgary in 1987. His master's thesis is entitled: The Sovereign and Inherent Right to Indian Self-Government in Canada: From Theory and Principle to Implementation.
Andrew works and consults with Aboriginal political and thought leaders across Canada. His work involved negotiating with oil and gas companies & governments on various national and local challenges in relation to First Nations. Andrew's professional career has been involved in improving socio-economic opportunities and quality of life challenges for Aboriginal peoples, including Treaty 7 First Nations. 

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