June-July 2024

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Posted May 8, 2024

June-July 2024


Tolerance or Tyranny?

The Quebec Act of 1774 mollified the conquered citizens of New France but provoked American colonists to revolution. by François Furstenberg

Playing Ball with Castro

In 1964 Canada’s junior baseball team defied a U.S.embargo and took on Cuba. by Clayton Trutor

Seeing Stars

Astrophysicist Allie Vibert Douglas popularized astronomy and opened doors for women in science. by Dianne Dodd

Nested Images

Antique and contemporary photography combine to showcase a rare ornithological collection. by Christine Fitzgerald

On the Cover

The watercolour Montcalm Leading his Troops at the Plains of Abraham was painted by Canadian artist Charles William Jefferys, who lived from 1869 to 1951.



Old World problems.

The Packet

Arctic hardships. Thought-provoking Mary Walsh. Wartime dilemmas.


Sea shanties. From the archive: Women of the Klondike. King’s crystal ball. Your story: D-Day anniversary. Object of interest: Ursuline altar cloth. Mountain archives donation. Love-letter novel.

Trading Post

A tiny ivory fish hook features eyes and a mouth that were added by its creator.


Spectacular Butchart Gardens north of Victoria was developed from a quarry and cement plant. At the museums: Canadian Canoe Museum opens new building.


Reviews: Wilderness who’s who. Elusive beauty. Extending history. More than meets the eye. More books: War guest, Terry Fox, prairie homesteaders, Vancouver’s PNE, Ontario ghost towns, oral histories. Read them all

Summer Reading Guide

Our special advertising section features new books for Canadian readers.


A must-visit genealogy conference showcases DNA analysis and AI-driven software.

History Matters

An award-winning P.E.I. student shares Indigenous traditions through quill art.


A welder from Manitoba learned airplane repair at St. Thomas, Ontario, as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

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