Canada Underground

See what’s in the April 2024 issue of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.
Posted March 25, 2024
Cover of the April 2024 issue of Kayak. Colour illustrations depicts a group of kids at the entrance of a tunnel.

There are so many fascinating things under our feet that we could only fit some of them into this issue! 

There are famous and not-so-famous tunnels to explore, some of them in places that might surprise you. 

Caves have served as houses, food storage spots, tourist attractions and hideouts. And speaking of surprises, many people don’t realize that the Underground Railroad was neither of those things. 

We take on the mysterious pits and excavations on Oak Island and discover Newfoundland’s most famous root cellars

Grab your flashlight and get ready go deep with the April issue of Kayak.

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