Canadians During Conflict

A selection of new and recent military-history books.

Compiled by Canada’s History

Posted October 25, 2018

As Canadians prepare to mark the centenary of the cessation of hostilities for the First World War, we present a list of recently published books about Canadian military history.

Besides a number of books about aspects of the Great War, this list also includes titles about the Second World War, the Korean War and beyond.

Their authors consider not only various aspects of battle and conflict but also war’s impacts upon soldiers, families, and Canadian communities.

From Rinks to Regiments: Hockey Hall-of-Famers and the Great War, by Alan Livingstone MacLeod

Dam Busters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid Against Nazi Germany, by Ted Barris

Riding into Battle: Canadian Cyclists in the Great War, by Ted Glenn

Sam Steele: A Biography, by Rod Macleod

A Township at War, by Jonathan F. Vance

Recipes for Victory: Great War Food from the Front and Kitchens Back Home in Canada, edited by Elizabeth Baird and Bridget Wranich

The Secret History of Soldiers: How Canadians Survived the Great War, by Tim Cook

Read our Q&A with author Tim Cook.

Courage, Sacrifice and Betrayal: The Story of the Victoria Rifles of Canada, 60th Battalion, in the First World War, by Richard R. Pyves

A Family of Brothers: Soldiers of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion in the Great War, by J. Brent Wilson

A Soldier’s Place: The War Stories of Will R. Bird, edited by Thomas Hodd

Invisible Scars: Mental Trauma and the Korean War, by Meghan Fitzpatrick

After the War: Surviving PTSD and Changing Mental Health Culture, by Stéphane Grenier, with Adam Montgomery

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