From Riel to Romance

Recent Canadian historical fiction.

Written by Phil Koch

Posted February 27, 2018

While Canada’s History magazine doesn’t review historical fiction, we know that many of our readers are devotees of the genre, and so from time to time we compile a list of recently published Canadian titles. The books mentioned here include tales of murder and romance, military conflict and Arctic exploration, as well as a pair of stories about Louis Riel and the Métis people. There are so many recent historical fiction titles that we’ll publish another list very soon!

Song of Batoche, by Maia Caron

Encountering Riel, by David Orr

The House on Selkirk Avenue, by Irena Karafilly

Li Jun and the Iron Road, by Anne Tait

The Tin Triangle, by Linda Abbott

The Water Beetles, by Michael Kahn

An Act of Injustice, by Ray Argyle

Minds of Winter, by Ed O’Loughlin

Promises to Keep, by Genevieve Graham

The Godforsaken Place, by Cinda Gault

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