Teaching the War of 1812

From books to films and comics to games — a list of resources to help excite and inform your students about 1812.

Written by Canada’s History Society 

Posted August 30, 2012
This image shows a scene from The War of 1812 Documentary

The War of 1812 Documentary

PBS's two-hour documentary, The War of 1812, uses stunning re-enactments, evocative animation, and the incisive commentary of key experts to reveal little-known sides of an important war. Watch the complete film online, and access lesson plans for use with the film.

The War of 1812 Digital Collection

The War of 1812 Digital Collection, from Canadiana.org, is a great portal for finding primary sources from the War of 1812.

Digitizing the War of 1812

Bring museums into the class and explore the "stuff" of history with this database of 1812 artifacts.

Archives of Ontario, War of 1812 Online Exhibit

This virtual exhibit from the Archives of Ontario uses fascinating documents from their collection to tell the history around the War of 1812.

Brock University Map Library

Brock University has a number of 1812-era maps available online and for download. Included in the collection are maps of Fort George, Fort Erie, and Queenston.

Tweeting History

The Archives of Ontario is sharing a remarkable diary from the War of 1812 — 140 characters at a time.

The War of 1812 Website

This website is one of several created and edited by Robert Henderson. The website is a trove of information and features articles that range from broad overviews of the war, to the nitty-gritty details of battle. There's also lots of information on army life, uniforms, and weapons, as well as news and events relating to the bicentennial celebrations.

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