Teachers' Book Bank

Find the perfect books to address each theme in your curriculum with the Teachers' Book Bank.

Written by Canada’s History Society 

Posted September 9, 2015
This is a cartoon image of a teacher reading a book to children.

The Teachers’ Book Bank is a database of Canadian fiction and non-fiction books with historical themes, compiled by the Canadian Children's Book Centre with Historica Canada, and funded by the Government of Canada. Titles in the database may be used by teachers to introduce topics and themes in Canadian history and by students carrying out research projects. Many of the books also offer opportunities for cross-curricular connections in language arts, geography, the arts, science and other subjects.

In most cases, specific grade levels and age ranges are indicated to guide selection, and the database is currently being expanded to include more books at different grade levels. The books are sorted into categories such as Aboriginal History, Military History, Science and Innovation, and more. Books included in the database are currently in print and can be found in local or school libraries, or purchased at bookstores.

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