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In this activity, students will research and share the history of the games they play.

Created by Canada’s History

Posted November 27, 2019

This activity is inspired by the article “The All-Canadian Game: Crokinole” in the Time to Relax issue of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.

Read the article “The All-Canadian Game: Crokinole” individually or as a class. For more information about Crokinole, check out this article.

Have a class discussion about what your students learned about crokinole. Ask them to consider the who, what, where, when, and why about the game.

Task your students to research a game that is popular in their community or family. Have them write a paragraph about the history of that game.

Key questions to consider:

  1. When was the game invented?
  2. How do you play it?
  3. Why was it invented?
  4. Where was it invented?
  5. When was the game most popular?
  6. Who traditionally played the game? Who plays it now?
  7. How has this game changed over time?
  8. Who taught you how to play this game?

Ask your students to share their research with the class.

Bonus: Host a class game day, where students can bring in the games they researched and everyone can play each other’s games.

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