The History of Canada’s Favourite Sports

This research activity encourages students to explore the history of their favourite sport!

Created by Angie Kuhnle

Posted January 10, 2018

Research Activity:

With your students, read Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids December 2017 issue #62 pages 6-9. Have students choose a sport they would be interested in researching. Distribute the research page and have students use the internet or books to learn more about the history of the sport in Canada. Students may find The Canadian Encyclopedia to be a helpful starting place.


Once finished researching, students can work individually or in groups to create either a PowerPoint or short video explaining each section of the research page. Students can be creative when creating their presentation, including opportunities to demonstrate how to play the game and pictures of themselves or famous athletes playing.

Grades 1-3 Adaptation:

Instead of doing this as an individual research project, you can do research as a class by using a projector or smartboard to display the websites used for research. Students can fill in the research organizer as a class with your guidance, rather than individually. Students can then create videos and/or PowerPoints in small groups or as a class, with your support.

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