10 Places with Indigenous Names

Use the Summer 2017 issue of Kayak to help your students match these Indigenous place names with their meanings!

Created by Canada’s History Society 

Posted July 19, 2017

Use the Phrase Bank to match First Peoples (the first people to live in what is now Canada) place names with their meanings. You can find the answers on page 15 of the Summer 2017 issue of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids. Bonus: Can you find these places in an atlas or an online map?

Note: Click here to download the printable version for you classroom. 

Phrase Bank

Place where the alders grow | Little lake in the woods | Big rock | Our land | Great river | Place of bear | End of deep water | Spirits | Swift water | Deep water 

  1. Nunavut is Inuktitut for _______________________________
  2. Chicoutimi is Innu-aimun for  _______________________________
  3. Minnedosa is Dakota for  _______________________________
  4. Aklavik is Inuvialuktun for _______________________________
  5. Etobicoke is from the Mississauga word wadoopikaang which means _______________________________
  6. Quispamsis is Maliseet for _______________________________
  7. Torngat is from an Inuktitut word meaning  _______________________________
  8. Pugwash is from the Mi’kmaq word Pagweak meaning  _______________________________
  9. Yukon is Gwich’in for _______________________________
  10. Okotoks is from the Blackfoot First Nation word ohkotok meaning  _______________________________

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