Award Recipients

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Boomtown Trail Community Initiatives Society

Local residents, museums, university, and historical societies team up to research and provide the stories needed to develop characters from eastern Alberta’s past.

Community Programming / 2013

Écomusée du fier monde

A year-long exhibit paystribute to 41 local citizens of the Centre-Sud district of Montreal with innovative portraits and biographies.

Museums / 2013

Catherine MacDonald

"History in their Hands: Creating Young Historians Through Archaeology" developed out of a grade twelve native studies and archaeology credit which Cathy has taught since 1996.

Teaching / 2013

Lucie Jean-Mercier

The students’ assignment was to design a mock interview based on real events faced by an immigrant arriving in Canada at the turn of the twentieth century. The goal of the work was to better understand the experiences, challenges, and hopes of new arrivals to the country.

Teaching / 2013

Rachel Collishaw

Rachel's project is a complete integration of historical thinking into the Grade 10 Canadian History course, grounded by three anchor projects/units: the course overview unit, the Glebe World War II soldier memorial and the final summative interview in lieu of a written exam.

Teaching / 2013

Milena Ivkovic

Milena Ivkovic believes her students should be given opportunities to make real meaning out of history, not just learn about it. By analyzing primary source documents from multiple perspectives, she encourages students to grapple with history, to dig deeper into it, and to develop a greater understanding of what these sources tell us about our history and ourselves.

Teaching / 2012

Brian Jaffray

Brian Jaffray has taught in the Northwest Territories for more than twenty-nine years. During that time he has tried to provide his students with tools to encourage first-person research projects about Canadian history. But in the North, this can be challenging. Dene culture has traditionally been transmitted orally, in the Slavey language.

Teaching / 2012

Elizabeth Phipps

Effectively teaching her young students about the unique historical relationship between indigenous and non-native people of Canada was the motivation for Elizabeth Phipps when she started her Saskatchewan landscape project. Together her students created and developed a living landscape of Saskatchewan that focused on the history of First Nations, the Métis and European settlers.

Teaching / 2012

Scott Masters

Early in his teaching career Scott Masters noticed that his students often had few opportunities to connect with past generations. He made it his mission to bridge that gap. Starting with inviting individual speakers into his classroom, his project slowly grew into the Crestwood Oral History Project.

Teaching / 2012

Janet Thompson

For Janet Thompson, the best way to engage students is to give them opportunities to be actively involved in their learning by thinking like historians. It’s this passion for teaching historical thinking that drives her in the classroom.

Teaching / 2012