Jean-Philippe Payer

Recipient of the 2019 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching

January 13, 2020

École L’Odysée, Quebec City, Quebec

Jean-Philippe Payer’s museum-class project placed students in a complex learning and assessment environment requiring a range of resources that allowed for the exploration of historical realities using new information technologies.

After conducting in-depth research and insightful analyses, the students worked with various digital tools—including 3D printers and 3D scanners—to reproduce and contextualize artefacts and works of art on loan from museums.

Video montages using augmented and virtual reality were then created and exhibited to the public in these same museums. The students also participated in collaborations and sharing sessions with classes around the world that had adopted and developed Mr. Payer’s project.

The recent completion of an international educational mission has resulted in the establishment of a museum-class in a school in Lima, Peru. Another sign of the project’s success is a new travelling exhibition organized through a partnership with the Huron-Wendat Nation.

Not only will the project serve as a future model for all schools in Quebec, it will also create an opportunity for students to learn about Indigenous perspectives using 3D augmented and virtual reality.

This interview is in French.