Award Recipients

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Charles Hou

Charles Hou taught at Burnaby South Secondary School in British Columbia. One of the highlights of his career is the Begbie contest, a bilingual provincial Canadian history quiz for grade 11 students.

Teaching / 1996

Jacques Lacoursière

Jacques Lacoursière is a prolific and renowned French-Canadian author and historian who is to Québec, what Pierre Berton is to English Canada.

Popular Media / 1996

James H. Gray

James H. Gray, now deceased, was a well-known chronicler of Western Canadian history and author of such popular and accessible books as Red Lights on the Prairies, The Boy from Winnipeg and Booze.

Popular Media / 1995

Pierre Berton

Pierre Berton was a journalist, editor, TV personality — but most of all — historian, for transforming Canadian history into chart-topping best sellers.

Popular Media / 1994