Darcie McDonald

Recipient of the 2010 Governor General's Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History

August 16, 2010
Canada's History speaks to Darcie McDonald about how she traces the history of democracy with her students.

St. Patrick's Community School, Red Deer (Alberta)

From writing a story for a painting depicting the past and using arts and crafts to create a visual representation of their own culture, to writing a poem based on historical research and using technology to create trading cards of historical figures, Mrs. McDonald’s Grade 6 class is guided on a cross-curricular trip through time as students trace the history of democracy and its eventual place on Canadian soil. Pushing her class to go beyond mere research and repetition, she gave students a multitude of outlets to show what they have learned. By examining the Grecian roots of democracy and its various offspring, students learn how Canada’s system of government came to be. Through the use of a variety of assessment tools, students are held accountable for their learning and are provided with creative ways to demonstrate it. With expectations clearly outlined, Mrs. McDonald’s students are free to push themselves to the limit of their abilities in an environment that is supportive, engrossing and, most of all, fun.