Mona Parsons Commemoration Project

In this webinar, Andria Hill-Lehr discusses the Wolfville Historical Society’s Mona Parsons Commemoration Project.

Presentation by Andria Hill-Lehr

Posted May 10, 2018

About this webinar

In this webinar Andria Hill-Leh discusses the Wolfville Historical Society’s Mona Parsons Commemoration Project. This project was shortlisted for the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming in 2017.

About this presenter 

Andria Hill-Lehr is a writer whose passion for theatre and storytelling combines with a love of history, especially biography, to impart the stories of little-known Canadians. Women’s stories, in particular, have often been overlooked, minimized, or written out of our nation’s historical narrative. Hill-Lehr seeks out those stories to share with others, particularly young people.

In addition to two books, her work has appeared in The Beaver (now Canada’s History), Maclean’s, and Saltscapes. Hill-Lehr believes that taking things lightly and taking things seriously are not necessarily mutually exclusive. By striking the right balance, she seeks to inspire new interest in our stories and our culture, while emphasizing that heritage and culture are integral parts of our community well-being and national identity.

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