350 Years of the HBC

On May 2, 2020, the Hudson's Bay Company marked its 350th anniversary. It’s an incredible accomplishment and a testament to the Company’s ability to change with the times.

Posted April 6, 2020

HBC Memories

To celebrate HBC’s 350th anniversary, readers from across Canada share personal recollections of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

The HBC Quiz

Provide the most correct answers to these questions from the September 1927 issue of The Beaver and you will be entered into a draw for a free copy of An Epic Tale.

Charting a Course

Aboard the ships Eaglet and Nonsuch, a pair of ambitious French adventurers set sail for Hudson Bay in hopes of striking it rich in the fur trade.

The Rise of Retail

From a network of trading posts to an international retail icon, HBC underwent a remarkable transformation in the twentieth century.

A Lasting Legacy

The historical, cultural and social impacts of Hudson’s Bay Company are tremendous.

The World's Oldest Multinational

Challenges and change have always been part of Hudson’s Bay Company’s three-and-a-half-century history.

Hudson's Bay Company Archives: An Expert Overview

Archives Keeper Maureen Dolyniuk gives an expert overview of the history and mandate of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives.

The HBC Collection

For the past decade, Canada’s History has been highlighting artifacts from the HBC Collection of the Manitoba Museum.

Celebrating the HBC's Legacy

How the Hudson’s Bay Company’s 300-year-old records became the property of the people of Canada.

Tales & Treasures: The Nonsuch

Dr. Jamie Morton, curator of the Hudson's Bay Company Collection tells us about the original Nonsuch, the history of the replica, and the origin of the HBC museum collection.

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