Let's Build a Future

Students from across the country reflect of the Canada’s past, present, and future. 

Written by Jean-Philippe Proulx

Posted January 15, 2018

Canada’s History and the twenty-six winners of the 2017 Young Citizens Program worked with Cloud in the Sky, an independent digital creative studio based in Ottawa, to produce a short video about the 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

The goal of the video was to pull together the many threads in each of the students projects into a national message that would help Canadians reflect on both their past and their future.

Cloud in the Sky developed the concept and script for the video based on the work of the students. The students then took a lead role in the filming and creation of the video. Each of these young filmmakers had the chance to work directly with this professional team and to see how professional videos are created. The final video was shared at the Governor General’s History Awards Gala Dinner in November.

This final video will be a lasting contribution of this project that can be shared with Heritage Fair participants and students across Canada.

Visit Cloud in the Sky Studios to see their other work.

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