Fur Trade Timeline

In this lesson, students will play a class game of “I Have... Who Has?” and create a timeline for Canada’s fur trade.

Created by Elizabeth Phipps Governor General's History Awards Winner 2012 recipient of the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching

Posted November 1, 2019

This lesson is inspired by the article “Fur Trade Times” in the How Furs Built Canada issue of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.

Lesson Overview

Using the information from the article “Fur Trade Times,” students will create a timeline for Canada’s fur trade. This will be accomplished by playing a class game of “I Have… Who Has?”     

Time Required: 

50 minute period

Historical Thinking Concepts

  • Establish historical significance
  • Identify continuity and change
  • Analyze cause and consequence

Learning Outcomes

Social Studies:

  • Correlate the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement patterns of the people
  • Identify the European influence on pre-confederation Canadian society.

Student will:

  • Create a timeline of the fur trade using cards that have dates and then the teacher can lead a discussion about how the events on the timeline fits with the world’s history. 

The Lesson Activity

Activating: How will students be prepared for learning?

The teacher will hand out the “I have … Who has?” cards face down on students’ desks. Then the teacher will draw a timeline on the whiteboard and label the timeline. The teacher will put the first date of the game at the beginning of the timeline.  

Acquiring: What strategies facilitate learning for groups and individuals?

The teacher will invite the students to turn over their cards and to read each card one at a time. After a card is read, the students will place the card under the timeline on the board. 

Applying: How will students demonstrate their understanding?

The teacher will lead a class discussion and, as a class, the students will identify the six dates they believe are most important. The teacher will move those dates to the top of the timeline and circle them with a coloured whiteboard marker. Students will make their own timeline using the six key information cards.



Teacher can collect evidence of student learning through the class conversation and checking the completion of the student’s personal timeline (product).

Extension Activity

Invite students to make a board game highlighting the key dates they recorded on their personal timelines. They might use a template such as the one found here.​

Students could play with other students from different classrooms. 

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