50 Museum Marvels Educational Package

The idea of publishing a magazine dedicated to treasures and rare objects preserved by museums was born in full lockdown, when most museums and historical sites were closed to the general public. This deprivation made us realize how important these places were in our lives and how much we collectively missed them. By publishing this special issue, we wanted to reaffirm our support for these institutions whose educational and community missions are vital in our society.

We therefore brought the project to life by inviting the museums of the Canadian Francophonie to participate in this great adventure. All museums were contacted, both small and large. The initial premise was simple: ask them to explore their collections in order to select a few objects that make them proud and that they would like to introduce to our readers. The exercise produced surprising and eclectic results.

In this magazine, published in French under the supervision of historian Magda Fahrni, our guest editor-in-chief, you will discover a veritable cabinet of curiosities which brings together 50 objects. They're beautiful objects, of course, but above all, witnesses to our history which tell of significant stages in the lives of the different French-speaking communities in our country. Some have very high heritage value and are already well known to the general public. Others come out of the shadows, as it were, and will help you discover interesting parts of our history.

Discover the French-to-English translated educational resources and articles written by archaeologists, curators, historians and restorers of ancient objects below.


Inside the Display Case

Guest editor Magda Fahrni reflects on the importance of preserving, conserving, restoring, and showcasing the objects that have marked our past.

Mysterious Madonna

Science lifts the veil on a centuries-old artifact.

Out of Everyday Life, Into the Museum

Should ordinary objects be preserved?

Saving Endangered Heritage

Museums are working to preserve the heirlooms of religious congregations.

Oral History: A Museum Treasure

The MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises preserves a collection of first-hand testimonies of life in the city.

Discover the artifacts

50 Museum Marvels

Fascinating objects and unheard-of stories from Canada’s francophone community.

Lesson Plans

Objects of History

In this lesson, students are introduced to historical research and become museum curators responsible for evaluating the historical value of objects.

Memory of First Peoples at the Museum

In this lesson, students reflect on the role of museums in society and the place given to First Peoples in the museum space.

Reproducing Historical Objects from Canadian History

In this lesson, students will reproduce a historical object relating to the history of Canada and consider the historical significance of objects of all kinds from Canadian material culture.