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Turning Points in the Fur Trade

In this activity, students will explore key turning points in the fur trade and determine the impact of these events on different groups in Canada.

Fur Trade Timeline

In this lesson, students will play a class game of “I Have... Who Has?” and create a timeline for Canada’s fur trade.

Explore the Role of Black People in the Fur Trade Industry

These lessons will provide students with the opportunity to explore and investigate interactions among European, Black, and Indigenous people, with a focus on delving deeper into the often untold experience of Black fur traders.

Trade Axes

Trade axes were an important and highly prized trade good throughout the fur trade era. 

The Fur Frontier

British Columbia’s fur brigade trails abound with history.

Spirited Trade

The Hudson’s Bay Company has been selling alcoholic spirits since its inception.

The Fur Trader

Book Review: Between 1925 and 1928, Einar Odd Mortensen traded for furs in the region David Thompson called “The Rat Country,” the swampy boreal lands north of the large Manitoba lakes.

Fur Trader Game

In this lesson, students will learn about life as a voyageur’s family during the Fur Trade and then will play the Fur Trade Game where they collect “furs” to trade for items from a “trading post.”

Fur Trader's Jacket

Its exceptional quality is a reflection of the expert eye and skills of Lydia Catherine Christie.

Chevron Trade Beads

Hudson’s Bay Company chevron trade beads were seen as symbols of friendship and given to Indigenous people as gifts, to forge alliances or treaties, and to permit passage.