Transcription Building Johnny Pov's Kayak


Johnny Pov was a guide in Puvirnituq. 

In the summer of 1959, he and his wife, Akenesie Novalinga, along with a group  of men and women, built a kayak. It began with a frame, that was either newly  made or repaired from a previous year. 

Akenesie and the women sewed together sealskins to make a cover that was draped over the upside-down kayak frame. 

Two sides were lashed together across the top, which was now underneath. Then the kayak was turned right-side-up to finish the job. 

Women sewed the top skins to the laced part. When the sewing was done the kayak was taken out again, and the women scrutinized it for holes that needed patching. 

Then the men put in the wooden cockpit frame. Finally, the newly made kayak was turned  upside-down and put up on a rack to dry. 

The building of Johnny Pov’s kayak  was photographed by Hudson’s Bay Company photographer Frederica Knight. 

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