The Basques: Embracing Rurality

In this introduction to the documentary “The Basques : Rurality, Resistance, Resilience,” several members of the community — including Soraïda Caron, Wina Forget, and Nicolas Falicimaigne — offer their reasons for moving into a rural area.

Coproduced by Julien Gagnon-Rouillard and Robert Majewski

Posted February 17, 2021

The Quebec region of Les Basques, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, is a fertile ground for multiple alternative projects, proposing to radically rethink our relationship to collectivity. These projects are carried out at arm’s length by residents and neo-rurals of all ages and from all walks of life who share the same desire: that of coming together and learning from each other to face the trials of an unpredictable future.

Distributed over a territory of more than 1,000 square kilometres, the various projects that are taking shape in the region — organic micro-farms, housing cooperatives, cultural collectives, anarchist press — are interrelated and interdependent, testifying to a strong and united community spirit.

The project L’ouvrage d’imaginer autre chose brings together journalistic practice, social practice and documentary practice by drawing intimate portraits of different members of the community, presenting, in doing so, the projects, reflections and daily life that enliven the community. The project also aims in opening a dialogue with other regions of Quebec and Canada about similar issues. How can we rethink our ways of coexisting in the light of the ecological, social and economic crises that are already raging?

This video serves as an introduction to the project. Several members of the community — including Soraïda Caron, choreographer and artistic director of Mars Elle Danse, Wina Forget, artistic director of the Théâtre des Petits Paradigmes Poreux, and Nicolas Falicimaigne, brewer and co-owner of Le Caveau des Trois-Pistoles — question the reasons for moving into a rural area. Over the coming year, several videos will be shared with Canada’s History, retracing the past of the sites and people who colour the region. These videos as parts of a larger project which should see the light of day in the winter 2021–2022.

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The Basques: Rurality, Resistance, Resilience

Documentarians Julien Gagnon-Rouillard and Robert Majewski explore different facets of rural life by documenting alternative projects taking root in the Basques of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

The Basques: Returning to the Land

In this interview with Maurice Vaney, back-to-the-lander, city councillor and important actor in the local cultural scene, we compare how things were in Trois-Pistoles back in 1974 with how they play out today.

The Basques: Taking Part in Culture

In the past 60 years, the Quebec region of Les Basques has had a strong relationship with the arts.

The Basques: Protecting the Land

The Basques community is known for its activism around social and environmental issues.

The Basques: Retracing History

The regional county municipality of the Basques is located in Mi’kma’ki and Wolastokuk territory, in the heart of the Wabanaki confederation.

The Basques : Telling the Tale

Gabrielle Ayotte Garneau carries on the Basque storytelling tradition with a legend that has thrilled her neighbours for decades.

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