Selkirk Settlers: Origins of the Red River Colony

Dr. Harry Duckworth traces the colony from the original treaty between Lord Selkirk and the Hudson’s Bay Company to the treaty Selkirk signed with five local First Nations leaders.

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Posted December 17, 2012

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Selkirk Settlers: Artifacts from the Wintering Camp

Dr. Roland Sawatzky tells us about the Wintering Camp collection, artifacts discovered in an archaeological dig where the first work party of Selkirk Settlers wintered near York Factory on the Hudson’s Bay.

Selkirk Settlers: Cuthbert Grant and the Battle of Seven Oaks

Tensions were high between the Northwest Company, Metis and the HBC employees and Selkirk Settlers as they competed over resources.

Selkirk Settlers: Mapping the Red River Colony

Anna Shumilak of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives talks about the Selkirk Settlers exhibit and shows us how the original plan of the Red River Colony laid the foundation for the development of the City of Winnipeg.

Selkirk Settlers: A Rich Collection of Records

Anna Shumilak of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives demonstrates how the lifestyles of settlers in the Red River colony can be revealed through the many diverse records available to the public at the Archives of Manitoba.

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