Celebrating Giving Tuesday 2019

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, we would like to share our special Kayak issue highlighting Black history in Canada.

Posted December 3, 2019

Thanks to the generous support of donors to Canada’s History Society, we are able to occasionally produce special issues of our magazines.

This year, to celebrate Giving Tuesday, we would like to share this special issue with you!

Download your copy of Kayak’s “Black History in Canada” today (it is also available in French: L’Histoire des Noirs au Canada).

Previous special issues of Kayak have covered topics including Remembrance, We Are All Treaty People, Great Canadian Women and How Furs Built Canada. These special issues are a valuable resource to teachers across the country, and include related education material.

If you would like to help Canada’s History Society continue to produce special issues, please consider giving a gift today! Together, we can develop and deliver more valuable education projects that make an impact across the country.

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Janet Walker
President and CEO

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