Roots: Quiz Time

Can you guess the stage names of these Canadian performers?  

Written by Paul Jones

Posted July 20, 2010

In the August-September 2010 issue of Canada’s History, Paul Jones notes that genealogists have their work cut out for them if ancestors have adopted new spellings of their names, or have changed them entirely (“Hey Mac... or is it Mc?”).

However, if your ancestor is a performer, those changes are well-documented.

How many of the following can you match with their stage names?

  1. Gladys Marie Smith
  2. Monte Halparin
  3. Michael A. Fox (yes, “A”)
  4. David Henry Thomsett
  5. Louis Weingarten
  6. Eilleen Regina Edwards
  7. Roberta Joan Anderson

Quiz Answers

  1. Mary Pickford
  2. Monty Hall
  3. Michael J. Fox (sorry, trick question)
  4. David Clayton-Thomas
  5. Johnny Wayne
  6. Shania Twain
  7. Joni Mitchell

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