Young Citizens: Six stories about environmental history

Posted November 16, 2020

Every year, the top Heritage Fair students across Canada transform their projects into short, digital videos as part of the Young Citizens program. Since 2012, over 1,100 student videos have been posted on the national website / Combining creativity, research and passion for storytelling, our Young Citizens provide a fresh take on history.

To celebrate Canada’s #HistoryWeek2020, we have selected six Young Citizens videos that explore the theme “Environmental History.” From conservation to climate change and activism, these Young Citizens share stories about the history of Canada’s environment.

“Chemical Archaeology” by Phoebe M., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (2015)
“The Manitoba Forestry Association and The Adventures of the Tree Planting Car ” by Irina Z., Winnipeg, Manitoba (2014)
“Parks Canada” by Connor D., Medicine Hat, Alberta (2012)
“Fracking” by Oskar B., Whitehorse, Yukon (2014)
“Why is Kejimkujik a National Park?” by Spencer C., Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (2015)
“The Wainfleet Bog” by Turner C., Port Colborne, Ontario (2014)

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