Guardians of the Environment

These are the Canadians who watch over the Arctic and wrestle with the issue of sharing fresh water.

Posted May 23, 2013

The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation has a mission to protect Canada’s water and empower Canada’s North.

Based in Toronto, the foundation is a private, philanthropic body that undertakes research, leadership development, and public dialogue on freshwater protection and issues affecting the Arctic.

In 2013, the foundation sponsored a series of articles in Canada’s History magazine, authored by top experts in their fields, that dealt with vital issues in environmental history.

Arctic Ambitions

In 1996, the Arctic Council limped into existence, barely noticed. Today it thrives as the principal forum in which the eight Arctic states interact and plan the increasingly important future of the Arctic.

A River Runs Through Us

In 1944, Canada and the United States agreed to talk about sharing the conservation and management of the massive Columbia River system. Twenty years later, they implemented the Columbia River Treaty.

Sentinels of Sovereignty

How the Canadian Rangers came to be the shadow army of the North.

Canadian Rangers: Sentinels of the North

For more than six decades, a volunteer force of mostly Inuit men and women have quietly stood watch over Canada’s North.

Respecting Boundaries

If Canadians rarely hear about the International Joint Commission, it may be because this institution has been quiet yet effective in its job of settling potentially explosive cross-border disputes.

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