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More recent Canadian historical fiction

Posted November 22, 2020

Building on the list of historical fiction we presented in October, here are several more new and recent Canadian historical fiction books. They include Gil Adamson’s Ridgerunner, a finalist for both the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Writer’s Trust Fiction Prize, The Grand Melee, by multiple award-winning novelist and playwright Michel Tremblay, and The Death and Life of Strother Purcell, by award-winning novelist, playwright and screenwriter Ian Weir.

Ridgerunner, by Gil Adamson

The Grand Melee, by Michel Tremblay, translated by Sheila Fischman

Marilla of Green Gables, by Sarah McCoy

Lost in Barkerville, crossover novel by Bitten Acherman

The Death and Life of Strother Purcell, by Ian Weir

Hiding Scars, by Richard Zaric

Papergirl, for young readers by Melinda McCracken, with Penelope Jackson

The Quintland Sisters, by Shelley Wood

The Most Perfect Gift, by Hubert Furey

Come from Away, by Genevieve Graham

ANNA, Like Thunder, by Peggy Herring

House of Crows, by Edeana Malcolm

The Forgotten Daughter, by Joanna Goodman

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