10 Spooky and Spine-tingling Stories

​Haunted historic sites, ghostly ships, myths and monsters, and more.
Posted October 25, 2023

The Basques : Telling the Tale

Gabrielle Ayotte Garneau carries on the Basque storytelling tradition with a legend that has thrilled her neighbours for decades.

Anatomically Incorrect: Bodysnatching in the 19th Century

It was a dilemma, medical students needed cadavers for dissection. But procuring cadavers was illegal. In nineteenth-century Montreal there was only one solution. And it was ghoulish. 

Illustrator GMB Chomichuk Brings La Corriveau to Life

Get an inside look at putting together the artwork for Canada’s History magazine.

Bell Island, Canada’s X-Files Isle

Newfoundland community celebrates the supernatural.

Haunted History

Many of Canada's historic sites are reputed to be haunted by ghosts. Illustrated by GMB Chomichuk.

Glorious Ghost Town

JoAnn Roe tours Heritage Ghost Town, near Revelstoke, British Columbia, where the spirit of the frontier lives on. 

Mi'kmaw Myths & Canadian Lore

What uncanny creatures lurk in the depths of the Canadian wilderness? Gather ’round the campfire for some spine-tingling stories of the supernatural.

Otherworldly Archives

University of Manitoba home to ghostly legacy.

Sorcery in New France

When things went wrong in seventeenth-century Quebec, authorities were not above blaming black magic.

Unsinkable Ghost Ship

In the 1920s, the HBC was looking to expand its markets and sent a small group on the S.S. Baychimo to post-revolutionary Russia.

Bonus Item!

Ghosts & Monsters

Be sure to leave the lights on when you read this issue! You’ll meet historical spooks and explore unexplained stories from Canada’s past.

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