Canadian Sports Educational Package


Sports aren’t just for serious athletes. In fact, many sports have been inspired by the skills and activities required to survive (like hunting, tug-of-war, running) or have been adapted due to injuries (such as wheelchair basketball by war veteran amputees.)

Some originated with First Peoples, while others were introduced to Canada by British or French troops stationed here in the 1700s and 1800s, and spread to the general population.

Kayak’s “Sports Stories” issue is aimed at Grades 2–6. You will find stories about Canada’s favourite sports and the people who play them. There are lots of ways ordinary people can stay active and have fun — like swimming and biking in summer, cross-country skiing and skating in winter. We hope this issue will inspire students to get moving!

The educational package with lesson plans and classroom activities are available below.

Our Thanks

We are grateful to the Department of Canadian Heritage for their support of this educational initiative.


Team Names: A Reflection of History

In this lesson students explore the ways in which history is often reflected in the names and logos of sports teams. They research the history of a Canadian community and create and illustrate a team name and logo reflective of its past. 


The History of Canada’s Favourite Sports

This research activity encourages students to explore the history of their favourite sport!

The Greatest Athlete in Canada’s History

This research and persuasive writing activity will inspire your students to think about their favourite Canadian athletes!

Canadian Sports History Quiz

Can you answer these twelve questions about Canada’s sports history?