Discover your local cenotaph!

With this activity students are encouraged to explore their community landscape and community history through the local cenotaph.

Created by Jessica Knapp

Posted October 19, 2016

In almost every Canadian city, town, and village, you’ll find a cenotaph (pronounced SEN-o-taff), a special spot to honour those who fought and died for our country. Visit a cenotaph in or near your community or select one from the article “Places to Remember” on pages 40 and 41 in the 2016 Remembrance Day digital issue of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids to answer the following questions.

Download a print friendly version of this worksheet.

  1. What is a cenotaph?
  2. Who does this cenotaph honour?
  3. Where is this cenotaph located?
  4. What community features are nearby? (Examples: park, school, museum)
  5. When was this cenotaph built?
  6. What materials were used to build this cenotaph?
  7. What wars and/or battles are named on this cenotaph?
  8. Is there a quotation or poem on the cenotaph? Write it down and see what you can learn about where it comes from.
  9.  Is there a statue on the cenotaph? Draw a picture of it or write a poem about what it makes you think of.
  10. Write three names that appear on this cenotaph.
  11. If you could write or speak to one of these people, what would you say or what would you ask?

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