Bhavya M.

Vaughan, Ontario


Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Change: Emily Stowe

Emily Stowe was an empowering women: Canada's first female doctor, the first female principal of a school in Canada, started the Women's Suffrage Movement, and lots more. Dr.Stowe had a vision for equality and positive change which was demonstrated after she took the brave courage to pursue a medical degree after her husband fell ill. In this project, you will learn about Dr.Stowe in depth, and will be shown why she is an inspiration to all of us today.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

The most interesting thing that I have learned about my topic was when Dr.Stowe started the Women's Suffrage Movement, not only did she make an impact on many lives she also started the first female medical school for Women in 1883. Currently that medical school is also being used for a hospital and it is called the "Women's College Hospital". Currently, the medical School & hospital has discovered various groundbreaking medical improvements such as breast cancer screening, cardiovascular health, and more. Her groundbreaking initiatives continue to shape the medical landscape and serve as a reminder of the importance of breaking barriers, advocating for change, and creating lasting impact.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

The most important lesson that I have learned and want to share with other Canadians is that you should never give up. Dr.Stowe portrayed this beautifully by never giving up on her dreams, by breaking societal expectations and pursuing her passion. This led her to better Canada in various of ways, and if we follow her lead, the world will become a better place. Even though hurdles came her way such as her husband falling sick, or her getting rejected from universities only because of her gender. However, she did not let that stop her, which led her to make Canada a more inclusive country.Dr. Stowe's story serves as a powerful reminder that in the face of adversity, it is essential to persevere, challenge limitations, and forge a path towards progress. By embracing her tenacity and adopting her courageous spirit, we can collectively work towards creating a world that is more equitable and let Dr. Stowe's legacy inspire us to overcome obstacles, break down barriers, and forge ahead with the belief that positive change is possible. Together, by following in her footsteps, we can continue to shape a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Comparing my life today to the lives of people I studied in my project, I can say that those who lived in the 1850s-1900s faced much tougher challenges than we do now. Back then, life was really difficult, especially for women. They were expected to focus mainly on household tasks like cooking and cleaning. Women had very limited opportunities for education, good jobs, and being independent. In contrast, our society today has become more inclusive and appreciative of women's achievements and abilities. Women now have more rights, opportunities, and recognition for their contributions in different fields. This positive change in attitude is thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of trailblazers like Emily Stowe. It's important for us to honor their legacy by continuing to work towards a society that is even more fair and equal.