Charlotte H.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Provincial Heritage Fair

P.E.I. Railway

My project is on the P.E.I. Railway.







What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

The most interesting thing I learned is that although the P.E.I. Railway Engine Number 1 was used in P.E.I. Canada, it was actually built in the US because we couldn't make it as strong so we had to rely on the US to make it sturdy.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Important lessons that I want to share is that people should be grateful for what we have now, and that is because people back then don't have the convenient life like us now. We should be thankful of what we have and not complain about what is bad about it.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

If I were to compare my life today to a person in the time being of my project I think I wouldn't only have a different family, what I would do, talk about, and even small things like going to school will be different! To summarize, the person's life would be much more inconvenient than mine and would have different experiences.