Prabhnoor S.

Prince George , British Columbia

Prince George Regional Heritage Fair

Sikh History in Canada

My project is about Sikh History in Canada. Sikhs began to immigrate to Canada in the early 1900s and they had to work in terrible conditions, they were denied many rights and freedoms, and they faced discrimination. The government also began to create laws to prevent Sikh immigration to Canada. But, the Sikhs chose to stay together, fight for their rights, and not give up until they were respected. The Sikhs sacrificed a lot, faced many hardships, and worked very hard to create equality in Canada.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

I have learned that it is important to be thankful, remember, and educate others on all the Sikhs and other immigrants did to create equality in Canada. The Sikh immigrants faced many hardships, sacrificed a lot, and worked hard win their rights and freedoms and ensure that future generations did not have to go through what they did to live happily in Canada. They created the path for our success in Canada. It is important that we protect our rights and freedoms too as hard work has been done to earn them. The Sikhs also created the safe, multicultural, happy, peaceful, and welcoming Canada we live in today and showed us what it means to be Canadian. We need to ensure we do our part in continuing to make Canada an even better country, protecting our rights and freedoms, and keeping Canada a multicultural, safe, and happy place to live.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

The most interesting thing I learned that it took many years for the Sikhs story in the Komagata Maru to be accepted and that even some people in India did not believe their side of the story. I thought people would be aware of both sides of the story due to the large amount of discrimination at the time.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Today, I live a multicultural, happy, and peaceful life and I have many opportunities. But, the Sikh settlers were not welcomed in Canada, they were denied many rights and freedoms, and they faced discrimination. The Sikhs had to work hard in terrible conditions and sacrifice a lot to bring their families to Canada for a better life. Today, there are many Sikhs in Canada and they have many opportunities, they are treated equally, and they live happy, safe, and good lived because of the hard work Sikhs did before to create equality in Canada.