Thatcher H.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Halifax Regional School Board Fair

Predicament on Payzant Island

The project is about the Payzant family murder and kidnapping in Nova Scotia in 1756. 




What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

There is a rock on Payzant Island (now Covey Island) that supposedly still has a bloody handprint from Louis Payzant.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

The world was violent and dangerous in 1756, just like it is today.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Depending on who you are and where you live, life is less dangerous today.


Linda G. Layton
Thatcher, this is an excellent presentation on my ancestor! It's quite a story and you've summarized it very well. Marie Anne's daughter Lisette was born in captivity as you stated, but she was in Quebec City at that time, December 1756.
2020-08-13 5:20:41 PM

Paula Baker
Our cottage is located on Herman’s Island. We can easily see Covey’s Island. Thank you for sharing its history with us. You possess many talents - teaching, acting, reporting, filmmaking....Well done!
2020-07-24 6:18:48 AM

Seja tupper
This story all new to me.
You are wonderful story teller!
2020-07-11 2:37:34 PM

Betty Ann (Wilson) Beazley
My sister Carolyn and I were born at Payzant Memorial Hospital, Windsor, N.S. and lived on Castle Frederick, Rd., Upper Falmouth, N. S.
Betty Ann
2020-06-20 10:50:58 AM

Paul B.
Payzants settling in Falmouth... makes sense. Still a well-known name in the area. I was actually born, as were my brothers and sister, in the Payzant Memorial Hospital in Windsor.
2020-06-16 1:17:25 PM

Marlin Risser
I see you have your grandfather's and father's story telling abilities. Great job
2020-06-13 11:59:22 AM

Very good job, Thatcher!!!
2020-06-13 9:37:59 AM

Dereh Watson
This was all new to me. Great story from the wilds of of Nova Scotia.
2020-06-12 2:31:33 PM

Eric Croft
Wonderful story teller!
2020-06-11 4:46:16 PM

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