Cassondra M.

Hopeall, Newfoundland and Labrador

Avalon Regional Heritage Fair

Visual & Performing Art NL

My project talks about the history of visual and performing art in Newfoundland. A timeline of events shows how the Arts in our province grew to where it is today. As well, there is a family focus discussing our various talents.




What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

I would say that the most interesting thing that I learned was reading about the earliest known carving identified in Labrador. It is a Dorset soapstone bear carving dated around 800 A.D. That's a really long time ago! It was exciting to see it at the Rooms museum in St. Johns.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

I have learned that the history of art in my province is informative and inspiring. It was exciting to learn how the early settlers portrayed life here through artwork. Many of Newfoundland's stories can be found in visual and performing art. This keeps our rich history alive for generations.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Life in visual and performing art has grown since it's earlier years. Arts in Newfoundland began with our Indigenous peoples. The Beothuk's performed rituals involving song and many carvings have been discovered. I am appreciative of all the hard work of our ancestors building and growing the arts to where it is today. Today, performing and visual art continues to grow, displaying nature and our way of life.