Scott T.

Mayo, Yukon

Yukon/Stikine Regional Heritage Fair

The War of 1812

My project was on the War of 1812. My three main topics were: The Battle of Macinac Island, The Treaty of Ghent, and General Gordon Drummond. Within my project I had a timeline of the War of 1812.



What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

The Treaty of Ghent was an interesting topic I learned about during this project. I learned that the final battle in New Orleans in 1815 was after the treaty was signed because the news of the treaty took six weeks to travel. So it turned out that the British lost over seven hundred men after the war was officially over.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

One thing I would like to teach my fellow Canadians is about General Gordon Drummond who led numerous counter attacks in one of the bloodiest battles of the war - Lundy’s Lane. I think he was a great leader even though he was not successful in his three counter attacks because he never gave up. I think Drummond was fearless because he still stood up to the Americans even though he was outnumbered.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Today we have powerful, accurate guns with great range but the guns in 1812 were hard to aim and were more effective at a short range. The war was also fought with swords which are no longer used today. Also our soldiers travel in airplanes but in 1812 soldiers travelled by boat, horse and foot.