Reflections on the making of Treaty 1 and the implications of Canada's Indian Act of 1876

This webinar examines the written record of Treaty 1, the first of Canada's western treaties. 

Presentation by Jean Friesen 

Posted December 14, 2016

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About this webinar

This webinar presentation is based on the written record. It examines the first of Canada's western treaties, made at Lower Fort Gary in 1871. Jean Friesen looks at the expectations of both parties at the treaty and discusses the implications for First Nations of the introduction and administration of the Indian Act in the west in 1876. This webinar is part of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship webinar series which is presented in collaboration with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba.

About the presenter

Jean Friesen recently retired from the University of Manitoba where she taught Indigenous and Canadian history and Public History. She served as historian at the (now) Museum of Canadian History in Ottawa, was the founding editor of Manitoba History and Chair of the Manitoba Heritage Council. Her research has focused on the relations between First Nations and Newcomers in B.C. and the prairies in the 19th century. She has conducted research for the Public Interest Law Centre in Manitoba and has also served as a witness in cases related to Treaty 1.

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