Young Citizens: 10 stories of science, creativity and innovation

Watch 10 Young Citizens videos that show how science and technology have changed the way we work, live and play.

Posted November 19, 2018

Every year, the top Heritage Fair students across Canada transform their projects into short, digital videos as part of the Young Citizens program. Since 2012, over 1000 student videos have been posted on the national website / Combining creativity, research and passion for storytelling, our Young Citizens provide a fresh take on history.

To celebrate Canada History Week, we have selected 10 Young Citizens videos that share stories of science, creativity and innovation.

"How Streetcars Shaped Winnipeg," by Cole O, Red River Heritage Fair.
"History of Saint John Shipbuilding," by Leah C, Anglophone South Regional Heritage Fair (Saint John).
"Stem Cells: A Canadian Discovery," by Omnia R, Southern Alberta Regional Heritage Fair.
"Canadian Space Agency," by Ryder W, Calgary Regional Heritage School Fair.
"Midwives of Canada," by Ivy L, Regina Regional Saskatchewan Youth Heritage Fair.
"Queen of Hurricanes: A Real comic Book Hero," by Simar B, Vancouver Heritage Fair.
"Inuit Clothing," by Alailah T, Nunavut Heritage Fair.
"Raised in the Hood?" by Shae M, Northwest Territories Territorial Fair.
"The Lightbulb" by Liam D, Thames Valley Regional Fair.
"Vickers Vedette" by Luke P, Red River Heritage Fair.

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