1812: Objects to Discover from Château Ramezay

This Montreal museum and historic site commemorated the War of 1812 with items from its collection. Produced as three "time capsules" for the web, each video provides a different perspective: Canadian, British and First Nations.

Courtesy of Château Ramezay

Posted August 18, 2014

Capsule 1: The Canadians

The first capsule centres on the hero of Châteauguay, Charles-Michel d’Irumberry de Salaberry, marking his rise and that of his venerable family through objects once in their possession. Artifacts related to Salaberry’s close friend, the Duke of Kent, and the works of painter and miniaturist Anson Dickinson are also shown.

Capsule 2: The British

The second capsule shines a spotlight on the Governor-in-Chief of British North America, Sir George Prevost. The interpretation of the British Colony’s defence in the face of an American invasion is handled with military objects and the artworks of influential painters such as Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy.

Capsule 3: First Nations

The third capsule focuses on Shawnee chief, Tecumseh. Included among the artifacts is a dagger that belonged to Tecumseh. The War of 1812 as experienced by First Nations’ is shown through the work of artists and illustrators such as Huron painter Zachary Vincent and American artist George Catlin.

Visit the Château Ramezay website for more information about this exhibit or others.

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