The Great War Video Series

Key Canadian battles during the First World War led to the march to victory in 1918.

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Posted October 1, 2018

When the First World War began in 1914, Canada had no choice — as part of the British Empire, the country was automatically at war.

More than 650,000 Canadians served over the course of the four-year conflict, an impressive number for a population of around eight million. And, through its successes on the battlefield, Canada proved itself many times. But the fighting took its toll; by the end of the war, more than 66,000 Canadians had been killed, and another 172,000 had been wounded.

November 11, 2018, marks the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War. Here are just a few key Canadian battles along the road to armistice in 1918.

The Great War — Battle of Ypres

April 22–May 5, 1915: When deadly German gas attacks send others running, the Canadians hold their ground.

The Great War — Battle of the Somme

September 15–November 11, 1916: A century after the battle, the incredible cost in human lives remains controversial.

The Great War — Battle of Vimy Ridge

April 9–April 12, 1917: For the first time, all four Canadian divisions attack together, with tremendous results.

The Great War — Battle of Passchendaele

October 26–November 10, 1917: Hard lessons are learned amid the mud and blood in Belgium.

The Great War — Hundred Days Campaign

August 8–November 11, 1918: A series of battles during which Canadian and Allied forces pushed the German Army into retreat led to the end of the war.

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