DNA Testing for Beginners

A Canada’s History guide.

Written by Paul Jones

Posted January 16, 2020

Is DNA testing a gimmick or the real deal? That’s the question most often put these days to experienced genealogists by members of the interested public, e.g. the readers of Canada’s History magazine and of this website. Even dogs are doing it. Should you?

This online guide seeks to show when and how DNA testing might work for you—and why it might not.

We’ll cover the basic science and the available tests. We’ll review a set of testing strategies for beginners and a recovery guide for those who’ve already tested and were underwhelmed. Most importantly, we’ll see tests in action in a series of case studies. And because there’s way more to know than this guide can address, we’ll offer plenty of suggestions, many online, for reference and further guidance.

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Paul Jones, a former publisher, is a writer, consultant, and avid genealogical researcher.

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