DNA Testing for Beginners

A Canada’s History guide.

Written by Paul Jones

Posted January 16, 2019

Roots: Meet Your Marker

Family history enthusiasts welcome new advances in DNA testing.

Roots: Can You Relate?

From kings to cavemen, new DNA discoveries suggest we're all part of one big genealogical family.

Roots: Origin Stories

DNA testing seems like the key to unlocking your family's ethnic history. But is it really?

Roots: Match Making

DNA testing, sometimes a gimmick, can also be a godsend for genealogists.

Roots: Cellular Sleuthing I

Using DNA to test conjectures about your family history. 

Roots: Cellular Sleuthing II

Using DNA to fish in the genetic pool.

Roots: Under the Microscope

Home DNA tests are helping to solve police cold cases.

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