The Country of Adventurers - David Thompson

The HBC History Foundation launches advertisements commemorating Canada’s historic figures.

Written by Canada’s History

Posted October 29, 2015
Video still with Rick Hansen in the foreground, and actor portraying David Thompson in the background.

The HBC History Foundation enlists Man in Motion hero Rick Hansen to celebrate the explorer and surveyor David Thompson in its second Country of Adventurers history segment.

The HBC History Foundation created The Country of Adventurers series of historical narratives to share the stories of Canada’s adventurous past.

Thompson became one of the most pioneering geographers in Canada. No matter where he traveled, he would mark down the latitude and longitude, temperature and geographical characteristics. Ultimately, he mapped almost half of North America between the 46th and 60th parallels, from the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes all the way to the Pacific. His work was so accurate that it remained the basis of all maps of the west for almost a century.

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